Hi, I am Robert van der Horst and hairstyling is my passion. My mission is to make you happy.

I always put YOU first—your personality, style, hair flow—and craft tailor-made hairstyle that uncovers your inner beauty.
Bard of Your Inner Beauty
I do believe that naturalness and simplicity are the keys. That is why I work to accentuate your individuality, but not to showcase hairstyling prowess. I would like you to look beautiful not only when you are leaving the salon but also when you are getting out of bed in the morning. As a fashion stylist, I can craft both unforgettable evening looks as well as elegant everyday images.
Naturalness and Simplicity
I am convinced that elegance and classic style are always in fashion—the passing of time simply brings subtle touches and features to popular looks. When you come to my salon, you will get a modern and stylish image, an image that will remain relevant even with the passage of time. I want you to not only love your hair after the first visit, but for years to come.
I am not an adherent to frozen forms. In hairstyling, I am drawn not to geometry (which is important) but to movement, the hair type, and its natural growth. My colleagues have always said, "Robert, you're not just cutting hair, you're playing with it; you're dancing with it!" And they're right. Bruno Pittini, the former art director of Jacques Dessange, taught me this dance. He was the first in Europe who adopted a fresh perspective on creating hairstyles and looks. Following his new approach, I created my own way of working. I listen to my inner self, and my movements seem to sync with the flow of the hair.
Dancing with Hair
Perhaps, the most astonishing aspect of my profession was realizing that success can come from just doing what you love, with passion and dedication. I never set out to become famous and never aimed to be Hairstylist of the Year. I just did what I enjoyed, the way I believed that was right. And one day, I woke up to find myself in the Hall of Fame & Сoiffure Award having been honored three times as Hairdresser of the Year in the Netherlands.
Inspired by Beauty
My unique method embraces all types of hair from straight to curly. I believe that a new image is the key to a new life, so complete makeovers are my forte. Come to my Boutique Hair Studio in Jordaan. Let's make some magic happen!
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